What problems should I pay attention to when connecting the chain?

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What problems should I pay attention to when connecting the chain?

We all know that the safety standard of the connecting ring in the coal mine is still very high. It is required that the breaking load of the connecting ring should not be less than the breaking load of the chain. This has high requirements for the materials and technology we use in production. When the ring is used in the mine, it is necessary to use the coal safety certificate, that is, the coal mine safety permit. From this point, it can be seen how high the technical requirements for the connecting ring are. The serrated chain ring has a unique tooth design, precise tooth shape and easy assembly and disassembly.
General sawtooth ring material: 23 manganese, 20 manganese open, 20 manganese vanadium, 23 镙 molybdenum titanium, 23 manganese nickel bismuth molybdenum alloy, 54 steel and other tempered serrated rings, arc tooth ring specifications: 18 × 64, 22 ×86, 24×86, 26×92, 30×108, 34×126 Serrated chain ring function: The serrated connecting ring is suitable for the link connecting the high-strength circular chain of mine, and the serrated chain ring is It can be installed horizontally and vertically.