Application of chain link on scraper

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Application of chain link on scraper

Here is a brief introduction to the application of the link ring on the scraper:
The sawtooth ring root has a small rounded corner. It is easy to cause stress concentration when loaded. The number of teeth of the sawtooth ring is large, the contact area is large, and the force of a single tooth is small. If the tooth shape is not processed properly, the pitch error and tooth error are easy to occur. When the load is overloaded, the individual teeth are overloaded to produce fatigue cracks. Usually, the number of fatigues of the sawtooth ring is less than 20,000 times. The wire cutting process can improve the tooth meshing and stress concentration, and the fatigue life is improved, but it still cannot reach 40 000 times of the coal industry standard. The number of new chain links is relatively large, the relative load of each tooth is small, the root of the toothed ring of the step ring is large, and the stress concentration of the root is small. This design greatly increases the service life of the link.
The correct use of the scraper is also very important. The high-quality chain link can help it to carry out various tasks effectively. In the mining industry, sawtooth rings are also used in many places. Good sawtooth rings are favored by everyone. The choice of objects.